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SAAS S-Drive Throttle controller

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SAAS S-Drive Throttle controllerSAAS S-Drive Throttle controllerSAAS S-Drive Throttle controller

SAAS S-DRIVE Throttle Controller

STC104 Throttle Controller suits Holden Commodore VF 2013 - 2017

Time to Unleash your vehicle's potential!
SAAS Automotive are excited to release the latest addition to our range of Performance and 4WD accessories: the Trax by SAAS  S-DRIVE Electronic Throttle Controller.


  • Simple Plug'n'play installation (does not require access to OBD ports)
  • Mode select button for easy switching between modes
  • Sensitivty adjustment for on the fly tuning
  • Light Sensor - changes display illumination based on ambient light

Whether you're looking to improve your fuel economy, towing ability or simply to have a more responsive throttle feel, the Trax by SAAS S-DRIVE Electronic Throttle Controller is about the best bang-for-buck accessory you can find.

5 distinct driving modes to choose from, the Trax by SAAS S-DRIVE can be adjusted to suit any driving style by offering:

  • Comfort mode
  • Sport mode
  • Performance mode
  • Eco mode
  • Original (OEM) mode